Speciality Bikes Are Fun
Alternatives To Old Standards

The availability of specialty bikes can be the difference between being able to ride or not. Or, maybe you just want a different kind of ride for a change of pace. In any case you do have some pretty cool options.

Some specialty bikes are designed for physically challenged people while others are designed for the more adventurous riders that are just looking for something different. They can make you re-think what bicycle riding is all about.

trailmate funcycle

Trailmate Funcycle

The Trailmate Fun Cycle is a great name for this bike?, trike? recumbent? I'm not sure what to call it so Fun Cycle really describes it best.  

semi-recumbent handcycle

Mission semi recumbent handcycle

A semi recumbent handcycle offers all of the benefits of a recumbent handcycle but has the added advantage of having a raised seat for easier mount and dismount. 

Handy HHS7 upright

The HHS7 Handy upright provides the same great benefits as the semi recumbent version and my be a bit easier for the rider to mount and dismount from a wheelchair.

Buddy bike

The unique design of the buddy bike lets the child enjoy the cycling experience but keeps the adult in control at all times. No more worry about how your child is doing behind you.   

chainless recumbent

Mobo Triton chainless recumbent

The Triton Three Wheeled Cruiser is a chainless recumbent bicycle that is extremely maneuverable and is great for active adults. The design is beautifully simple with a really unique steering mechanism and no chain for near zero maintenance. 

Greenspeed folding recumbent

Greenspeed folding recumbent

The folding recumbent tricycle, from Greenspeed, is designed as an easily transportable trike that you can fold up to fit in your car or to take up less space in your shed or garage.

folding recumbent

Ricksycle folding electric recumbent

A folding electric recumbent is the latest in the “now anyone can ride” category. Not only is it pedal-optional, it has the sit back and grin feature of a recumbent, and seats two riders side by sied.

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