Folding Electric Bicycles

Folding electric bicycles add easy storage and transport to a fun ride. The ride becomes even more enjoyable whether riding for fun or running errands.You can use the motor for a little help pedaling, or sit back and let the motor do the work.

And when the ride is done you can transport it and store it conveniently. This is an awesome addition to a camper or a boat as well. They typically have a range of at least 20 miles and charging times of 4 - 6 hours.

Here are a few popular choices

The Porta-Bike Dash folding electric bicycle folds easily and has adjustable seat stem and handlebars to fit different sized riders. 

With an aluminum frame this bike only weighs 40 lbs so transport is a breeze.

Some of the other features include a powerful lightweight lithium battery, 6 speed transmission, battery status indicator, LED headlights,fender set and luggage rack. Maximum weight capacity is 240 lbs.

The Biria pedal-assist folding electric bike has the appearance of a normal folding bike with the Lithium ion battery hidden inside the frame.

With a 500 Watt motor and 36V, 10.4 Amp Samsung battery, the Biria Electric Folding Bike has a range potential of 20-25 miles per charge.

The Biria has dual disc brakes with fat tires 20 x 4.0" for a super smooth and comfortable ride. It also has a USB port is to charge your phone while riding. This is a pedal-assist electric bike that also has a throttle, but the throttle can be easily disconnected and taken out in minutes 

 The PORTA-BIKEĀ® Punta Folding Electric Mountain Bike has is a dual suspension mountain bike. The lightweight aluminum frame and 350 watt motor make it an excellent choice for off road riding fun.

The 36 volt lithium battery is also light weight so the net weight is only 50 lbs with a carrying capacity of 240 lbs. It uses disc brakes for sure safe stopping.

See a complete selection here.


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