The Easy Boarding Bike Is a Big Hit
With Boomers And Seniors

Biria Low Step Easy Boarding 7 Speed City Bike - 24"

The Easy Boarding bike is one of the coolest bikes that is designed specifically for older riders.

Lets face it guys. We boomers aren't as limber as we used to be and getting on and off of your bike isn't as easy as it was a few years ago.

With this bike flexibility is no longer an issue. It gives the rider advantages that you can't find all in one package elsewhere including a step through design so Easy Boarding is more than a just name. It's a fact. This frame design is definitely not just for a "lady's bike" anymore.

It is a comfort/commuter bike that comes fully equipped with raised handlebars, chain guard (if you commute you don't want chain grease on your good clothes), rear rack, and a very unique oversize aluminum frame for ruggedness and stability.  

It has no top tube and instead uses wide gussets to stiffen the frame and maintain the needed strength. This makes it extremely easy to mount and dismount. And, you have optional 3,7, or 8 speed shifter.

The 8 speed bike uses a Shimano internal geared rear hub for even smoother shifting. This means that the rider can even shift while the bike is not moving. This can be very handy in stop and go traffic.

Another feature is the pedals are positioned slightly forward of the seat post so the rider's legs are fully extended at the bottom of the pedal stroke and yet their feet can be flat on the ground while  seated. The pedal forward design results in a bit longer wheelbase than a conventional bike. This, and the raised handlebars result in a nice comfortable seating and riding position.

Sizing could not be simpler. Since there is no top tube, and so much adjustment in the seat position, just follow the manufacturers recommendation according to your height.

It's hard to imagine how this bike could be made more boomer-friendly but, I would recommend the 7 or 8 speed over the 3 speed.  

Options include

  • Rear rack
  • Fenders
  • Basket

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