My Links To Bicycle Riding,
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Boomers Interests.

My links were chosen with an eye towards encouraging health and fitness to boomers through bicycle riding. Bicycle safety and maintenance are key elements of bike riding and are stressed as well.

So, please take a few minutes and review this information. Even a seasoned rider can benefit from a bit of a refresher course.

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Cycling links - Alex Ramon's bicycle tutor has an extensive text and video library of great information on bicycle repair. - Everyone that rides a bike should review this information. - is an excellent scource of information on bicycle safety from Micheal Bluejay. - is another great source for safety information. 

International Bicycle Fund - Promotes safe bicycling worldwide is an excellent source of information on bicycle trails throughout the USA. Many are build on old railroad beds they are both flat and scenic. is another excellent source of information on biking and hiking trails.

The Bike Riding Guide is another great source of information on bicycle riding for young and old alike.

Senior Cycling - offers custom designed bicycling trips developed specifically for active seniors. They hold excursions in various parts of the country (mainly the east coast), and the trips range from 2 to 10 days. They also offer single-day bike rides for seniors in the Northern Virginia – Washington DC area.

Ice Bike - Inspiring stories of seniors up to 106 years that still ride plus lots of other interesting cycling information.

The Bike Storage Company - The definitive guide to bike safety

Drivers and Cyclists road resources - Advice on sharing the road with bikes and cars.

Biking destination links . - is my all time favorite bike ride down an inactive volcano, to sea level, with breathtaking scenery.

Fitness and health links - helps you to achieve optimum health and wellness naturally.

Healthy aging for women baby - has lots of good info on exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle. has some great information on boomer’s health issues.


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