Adult Tricycle Selection Made Easy

Traditional adult tryke

Traditional adult tricycle

Selecting an adult tricycle that is just right for you does not have to be hard. There are so many styles to choose from so you just need to ask yourself what is important to you and select accordingly. Do you want a wide comfortable seat? Do you want a lot of gears to choose from? Do you want to lean back and take it easy? There is a tricycle to give you just what you want.

They are getting more popular with boomers and seniors as well as people with handicaps or balance problems. Adult tricycle all have a "step through" design for easy mounting and dismounting and unlike a bicycle, they have a stable platform that minimizes balance issues.

You can ride as slow as you please without losing your balance. And you can put both feet on the ground, comfortably, when stopped. So if you are out riding around you can stop and shoot the breeze with a neighbor and do it in comfort. Some even have optional seat backs. And, the upright riding position is easy on the back, butt, and hands.  

You don’t need to worry about spare or replacement parts since, other than the frame, they use the same standard components as a bike so replacement parts are readily available and repairs are no problem.

Current adult tricycle models are lighter and stronger and can accommodate more weight than older designs. So if you have put on a few lbs (and haven’t we all) it’s no big deal but you should check the bicycle specs just to be sure. They also offer all of the bells and whistles that are available on bicycles with the exception of the number of gears. Check out some of the alternative styles shown and you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Alternative styles

semi-recumbent trike

semi recumbent tricycle

A semi-recumbent trike has a pedal forward design and bridges the gap between a recumbent trike and a conventional trike. Some seniors find a recumbent a bit too low and a standard trike a bit hard to pedal. This trike blends the best features of both for a very comfortable ride. 

Day 6 semi-recumbent tricycle

The day 6 fat tire semi-recumbent tricycle is the newest release in the storied day 6 line. It offers the ultimate in comfortable riding with the pedal forward design and the wide comfort seat with a seat-back.

The high handlebars also do away with the problem of numb hands that can occur on a long ride with more standard handlebars.

electric trike

Electric tricycle

Electric tricycles are another great option that you may want to consider. They make pedaling optional so you can get some exercise when you want or let the trike do the work. 

folding tricycle

Folding Tricycle

A folding tricycle is one of the newer additions to the world of cycling. When choosing a tricycle you may want to consider a trike that folds. They address the limited storage issue and open the door to riding fun to even more people. 

folding electric trike

Folding electric tricycle

A folding electric tricycle adds storage convenience to a pedal optional ride for seniors. One of the issues with a standard electric trike is that they are rather large for storing and transport. Many seniors have downsized their housing which sometimes means less storage space. 

chopper trike

Chopper tricycle

A chopper tricycle adds a bit of a cool factor to a tricycle. Choppers, in general, have a laid back appearance that you don’t find on a more conventional bike or trike. This has a definite appeal to some riders who don’t want to just blend in with the crowd.  

heavy duty trike

Heavy Duty Tricycle

An industrial tricycle is simply an adult tricycle that has been seriously beefed up to handle larger carrying capacities. The tricycles shown here are significantly larger than any standard adult trike and, in fact, use 24” or 26” wheels more typical of a bicycle.

trailmate funcycle

Trailmate Fun Cycle


The Trailmate Fun Cycle is a great name for this trike. I'm not sure what to call it so Fun Cycle really describes it best. What makes it really unique is it has front wheel drive and you steer it with your body.

Greenspeed folding recumbent

Greenspeed folding recumbent

The folding recumbent tricycle, from Greenspeed, is designed as an easily transportable trike that you can fold up to fit in your car or to take up less space in your shed. The quick fold is achieved with only a 6mm Allen key for the single seat bolt and one quick release for the frame hinge. This is but one of many adult recumbents available.  

Side by side tricycle

A side by side tricycle is a unique way for the two of you to share the riding experience and still pedal at your own speed. One rider can even take a break as needed and let the other rider pedal. It’s also much easier to converse when the other rider is right beside you. 

Actually, "tricycle" is a misnomer since it has 4 wheels for added stability.

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