An Electric Tricycle Is The
Key To Riding Fun For
Even More People

An electric tricycle is perfect for the person who would love to ride but is not quite up to a conventional bike, or trike, You can sit back and let the trike do the work or pedal when you want some exercise. It's sort of the best of both worlds.

Some adult communities only allow golf cars which can be expensive to maintain and hard to store. But electric trikes offer an alternative, are a lot more fun, and there are few, if any, restrictions on where you can ride. So if you want to ride to a convenience store, or coffee shop, no problem. You can usually take it wherever you want which you can't do with a golf car.

It's baffling to me why most bicycle shops don't carry tricycles of any kind. There is obviously a demand that is growing every day so why don't they carry them? They use basically the same components as a bicycle so repair is not an issue.

They may be a bit more prominent in areas of the country with a high concentration of retirees but, in general, availability is much better online.

Here are a few popular models

 The Elek-trike can cruise at 8 -10mph and with some pedal assistance will go for well over 20 miles. 

Built very solidly it has a heavy duty 450 Watt – 24V rear drive system and long lasting 20 ampere sealed batteries

 The stylish RMB Libert-e is a unique electric tricycle - to enhance safety, the Libert-e has a rear end differential just like a car.

Most electric tricycles have either a front wheel hub motor or rear wheel hub motor that only powers one wheel - ultimately sacrificing traction, torque, and cornering safety. The Libert-e's rear end differential allows the power to be equally distributed to both rear wheels for safety, and traction.

The Libert-e also comes standard with advanced front shocks, Lithium power and front and rear DISC brakes.

  Lay back and enjoy riding the Combo Electric Recumbent Tricycle - a highly comfortable E-trike with a cool and stylish look.

The Combo Electric Recumbent Tricycle is both safe and comfortable - and that people intuitively find easy to handle.

The comfortable broad-surfaced saddle (completely adjustable in height and angle) provides a relaxed sitting position.

On the Combo Trike it is easy to keep a close watch on the traffic.

7 speed internal hub, l-ion 36V battery with 11 amp-hours, Bosch motor with 250 watts and a differential transmission for secure handling

At last you can enjoy the comfort that fat tires will give you on a tricycle. The Emojo fat tire tricycle has a range of up to 45 miles at speeds up to 15 mph. It comes with a 48V lithium ion battery that you can charge in only 4 -6 hours and disc brakes on each wheel for added safety. Maximum rider weight is an impressive 320 lbs.


If storage space is an issue you may want to consider a folding tricycle.

A folding electric tricycle adds storage convenience to a pedal optional ride for seniors. One of the issues with a standard electric trike is that they are rather large for storing and transport. A trike that folds, and is electric, addresses this issue.  

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