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About Us should, more accurately, be About Me. My name is Dave Fort. I am a semi-retired sales executive, with a background in mechanical engineering, and an avid bike rider for about 30 years.

Over the years I have been a gym rat and a martial artist (I still practice Tai Chi every day) but, after surviving colon cancer, I found my real love in bicycling.

When I am riding I feel so much more alive and in touch with my environment. All of my senses are heightened and I feel freed from the hassle of everyday living. I feel like a kid again and that's a good thing.

I have traveled, extensively, for more than 25 years. Since I have been riding, most of my rides have been throughout the northeast USA from Virginia to Maine. But, I have ridden on three continents, as well as several islands, and met and talked with countless bike riders. One thing that they all have in common is an exceptional level of fitness for people in their age group.

Like a lot of people, I found myself “downsized” at an age where I was too young to really retire and to old to be hired at the same level. What engineering that I had retained was hardly “state of the art” and I couldn’t get too excited about the prospect of dealing with more heavy airline travel.

So where do I go from here?

Since I am single, and my kids are on their own, I decided it was time to move from the hills of Pennsylvania to the Southern Delaware seashore. I didn't want to move too far from my kids, and most of my siblings that still live in PA, so this seemed to be a perfect solution.

I had spent a lot of great weekends there and knew it to be a haven for boomers, boaters, and bike riders. The terrain is flat, very scenic, and very different from PA with the sights and sounds of the seashore.

Also, Delaware is a very bicycle friendly state with bike lanes on most roads. It is actually rated in the top ten bicycle friendly states in the USA.

I also have an incurable addiction to hot steamed crabs that were hard to find within a two hour drive from my home in Pennsylvania.


It didn’t take long after I “retired” to find out that I just wasn’t ready for retirement, as I had pictured it to be. There were lots of things I liked to do and I had plenty of energy. But, if I did everything that I wanted to do I would be broke in a hurry.

So, I tried several part time jobs, none of which were at all rewarding and, since I live in a resort area, any available work is in low paying jobs that are limited mostly to the retail or construction fields.

I also tried several “work from home businesses”. But, it didn’t take long to find out that, if they had any merit at all, they would put me right back in the rat race and I sure didn’t want that.

I love riding bikes but found it frustrating that everything I read about bikes was written from the perspective of some young Lance Armstrong wannabe and nothing was available of interest to millions of mature bike riders.

Wouldn't it be great if I could share my passion for bike riding with other boomers and supplement my income at the same time? So I decided to try to create this web site. One small problem though. I didn't know beans about HTML and didn't have a clue how to go about designing a web site.

Now this looks interesting!

I finally stumbled across SBI which stands for Solo Build It. SBI enabled me to build this web site and do something that I really enjoy while supplementing my retirement income.

I had been using computers for almost 30 years but building a web site is a whole different story and, frankly, I found the idea a bit intimidating. But, the idea of building a web site about bicycle riding, from a boomers perspective, really intrigued me. And, the more involved that I got the more rewarding it became.

In my prior business life I was the one doing the hand holding but now I was worried that I would be the one that needed his hand held. I have been pleasantly surprised to find out that on the very few occasions that I did need help it was always there.

So now I can share my love of bike riding and supplement my retirement income thanks to SBI.

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