A handcycle is a great tool for building upper body strength

handcycle is an awesome bike for building upper-body strength in athletes and physically challenged riders. They give the physically challenged the ability to enjoy cycling while getting a great workout and enable them to ride with their friends for fun or train and ride in competition.

They are engineered to be adjustable to different body types and sizes. This model includes dual position hand-grip pedals, adjustable seats, reclining backrests, and footrests with Velcro belts. 

The cromoly frame design offers good stability with 28” rear axle width and 73” overall length.


  • Cromoly frame
  • Semi slick tires
  • 7 speed Schram derailleur
  • Twist shifter
  • Foot rest with velcro belt
  • Dual position hand grip pedals
  • Rear disc brake
  • V brake front
  • Parking brake
  • Rear axle width = 28"
  • Top of saddle to ground = 39"
  • Top of hand crank from ground = 42"
  • Overall length = 73"

Another great choice for riders that prefer a more upright riding position is the  Handy Upright.

The upright HHS7 Handy upright provides the same great benefits as the semi recumbent version and my be a bit easier for the rider to mount and dismount from a wheelchair.

Go here for complete dimensions and specifications.

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