Recumbent Tricycles Are boomer friendly Riding Machines

Riders of recumbent tricycles all agree they are much kinder to your back, butt, and hands than other bikes. It’s a different kind of trike with a sit back and grin attitude And, they are just plain FUN to ride.

These are the tricycles that you pedal with your feet in front of you instead of below you.

It's kind of an easy rider look with a much more comfortable seat than a more conventional bike or tricycle. They actually have a seat back so you can lean back and relax.

People that ride them usually love them and seldom ride anything else. I have a two wheeled recumbent that I alternate with my other bikes depending on where I am riding and if alone or with a group. They sure do get a lot of smiles from folks that you meet. Generally, when with a group it's best to use a similar style of bike.

When riding recumbent tricycles you can't use your body weight to help you on a climb but the seat back actually helps and makes up for not being able to use your body weight.

The balance is different on the two-wheeled version. Think sitting on a fence rail lengthwise vs straddling it. This is probably why most manufacturers have gone to the three- wheeled design. The three-wheeled designs are heavier but they alleviate any balance problems and can be easier to ride. A recumbent tricycle or a semi-recumbent tricycle is a great choice for most boomers.

There are too many configurations to show here. Some have the pedals well in front of the handlebars and others don't use conventional handlebars at all.

Here are a few good choices

The Trailmate Low Rider is an option for those who are looking for a bit more stability and easy cornering without sacrificing fun. 
The square tube, heavy-duty main-frame and sleek design provides rugged performance.

The True Quest recumbent tricycle has 21 speeds, a rugged steel frame, a super comfortable seat with seat back and 100 psi tires for easy riding.

The folding recumbent tricycle, from Greenspeed, is designed as an easily transportable trike that you can fold up to fit in your car or to take up less space in your shed or garage. 

Trailmate' exclusive step-through design lets everyone enjoy the thrill and excitement of trike riding. 

Features a heavy duty steel frame and a cozy molded seat for hours of confident fun.

It has a swing away handle-bar making it even easier to mount and dismount.

The rider recumbent tricycle from Belize offers exceptional versatility. It has all or the standard features you could want as well as several optional motor and battery packages. Belize has a well earned reputation for quality and performance.

The Artifice is a fast, foldable tadpole recumbent trike with a large 26" rear wheel. Its Cr-Mo frame with mesh seat provides a comfortable feeling of suspension. Its high-speed riding is very stable thanks to intercrossing steering linkages.

After folding and separating the wheels, it becomes very compact for easy transportation and storage.  

The Trailmate Fun Cycle is a great name for this bike. What makes it really unique is it has front wheel drive and you steer it with your body. You hang on to the handles on either side and just lean right to go right or lean left to go left.

The Triton Three Wheeled Cruiser is a chainless recumbent tricycle that is extremely maneuverable and is great for active adults. The design is beautifully simple with a really unique steering mechanism and no chain. So, maintenance couldn’t be any easier.

Sit back and enjoy riding the Scooter L Trike - a highly comfortable E-trike with a cool and stylish look.

The Scooter Trike electric semi-recumbent is both safe and comfortable - and that people intuitively find easy to handle.


A folding electric recumbent is the latest in the “now anyone can ride” category. Not only is it pedal-optional, it has the sit back and grin feature of a recumbent, and seats two riders. 

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