Pacific Cycle 2Rider 

Pacific Cycle 2Rider

The Pacific Cycle 2Rider is actually a quadcycle that is designed for two or four riders depending on how you configure it. Optional front seats for kids lets you take the kids along so they can share the fun with you.

It is called a 2Rider since only the two riders in the rear actually pedal. There are 2 independent systems so each of you can pedal at your own speed.

The optional child seats in the front are easily attached as is the optional canopy/sunroof which can be added or removed with only two bolts.

Shown with optional child seats and canopy

Features and options


  • 2 independent drive systems allow rider and passenger to pedal at their own pace
  • 4 wheels independently suspended, low center of gravity, Ackermann steering design
  • 20" wheels provide a smooth ride on rough ground
  • Adjustable rear seat position and handlebar height, sized for kids to full-grown adults (Younger children may not be able to pedal)
  • Strong front bumper and safety bar for child seats
  • 8-speed derailleur suitable for all kinds of terrain
  • Can be stood up (without canopy) to save space and for easy storage
  • Sturdy yet lightweight frame weighs 38kg. without bumper, luggage tray, kids seat and and canopy. 60kg. all included
  • Easy to disassemble and transport
  • Bumper and luggage tray included
  • 84 lbs. (without bumper, luggage tray, kids seat or canopy.)
    132 lbs. with all included 
    Canopy 15lbs 3 oz
    Kid seat 15 lbs 3 oz
  • Optional Sunroof/canopy can be mounted or dismounted with only 2 bolts
  • Optional Front kids seats are easily attached
  • Optional Electric/pedal power motor is available

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