The Buddy-bike is a totally unique parent child bike

Buddy Bike

The unique design of the buddy-bike lets the child enjoy the cycling experience but keeps the adult in control at all times.

The dual handlebar design lets the front rider hold on and get the feel of steering and the extra set of pedals gives them the complete riding experience.

No more worry about how your child is doing behind you which is a distraction at best. Most parent child bikes utilize a trailer for the child which means that the parent has to look behind them to make sure the child is OK. This can be dangerous.

The two riders can converse easily without shouting so the riding experience is much safer and more fun.  

The seats and pedals are adjustable to accommodate the riders size and body type and there are optional fold out foot pegs attached to the frame for smaller children.

Buddy-bike video

Optional footrests

These bikes can be a godsend for parents with special needs children. The child can feel much safer between the parents arms and enjoy the cycling experience without fear.

They are available in a 30 speed with a conventional shifter and derailleur or a 7 or 8 speed with a Shimano internally geared hub that does not require a derailleur.

Available Options

Foot pegs for smaller front riders

Seat backs for small riders or riders with balance problems.

Two legged kick stands.

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