A Recumbent Rack Makes Transporting A Breeze

A recumbent rack opens the door to a lot more fun rides. Without a convenient means of transport you are pretty much confined to local rides. This may be fine for some folks but wouldn't it be nice to be able to ride at the beach or other interesting places?

If you live in a high traffic area and want to ride where it's safer you have that option as well with a recumbent rack.

Although a recumbent is larger and heavier than a bike they can still be transported without a hassle if you have a vehicle with a trailer hitch. They are simple to mount and safe to use. 

The True rack shown below can accommodate one tricycle, one recumbent tricycle, or two 2 wheel recumbent bikes with a few simple adjustments and no special tools. It is adjustable for weight balance and you can even reverse it for convenience.

as recumbent tricycle rack

 as two recumbent bicycles rack

as tricycle or recumbent rack

The wheel holders are easily adjustable and the wheels are held securely in place with safety retainers. The rack folds flat when not in use and even drops down for rear access.

You only need to specify 1.25" or 2" hitch receiver.

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