Bicycle Carriers For Easy Transport

Bicycle carriers means there is really no limit to where you can ride and few limits on what you can take along. Why limit yourself to the same places you always ride when there are so many options available to broaden your biking horizons? If you are going on vacation or just looking for a change of scenery you can do it with no hassle.

hitch mount
roof mount
trunk mount
pick up bike mount

There are tons of choices available for transporting up to 4 bicycles at a time on your vehicle. One of them is sure to do the job.  

A simple trunk mount is a good choice for occasional transport. On the plus side they are the least expensive and can be adapted to virtually and car. On the minus side there is the potential for scratching the car or bike if not careful.

For frequent transporting a hitch mounted rack is a good choice if you have a hitch on your vehicle. They are more rigid and the bikes are easier to put on and take off. Be careful though when parallel parking to allow for the longer space required.

My personal preference is the roof mount. They are very stable and lockable and most modern bikes are light enough to lift high enough to mount. Be extra cautious with the added height especially with garage doors.

Truck bed mounts are a great option also.

There are several options for transporting bikes on a camper as well. And, you can do it with safety and convenience.  

Camper racks

Bicycle trailer

If you do any trail riding you are sure to see riders sharing some quality time with their kids or pets behind them in a bike trailer. These are fun for joggers as well as cyclists.

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