A Recumbent Handcycle
Enables Physically Challenged
To Ride With Their Friends

recumbent handcycle

Handy recumbent handcycle

The Handy recumbent handcycle has been engineered to provide the ideal cycling experience for athletic advancement of upper body strength and toning for athletic events. Especially valuable to triathletes and physically challenged athletes, it provides the perfect way to get in shape and stay that way.

What you get

  • Handy offers people with disabilities a means to improve their fitness as well as the opportunity to ride along side their family and friends.
  • Handy’s modular design, allows it to be packed in a compact box and assembled quickly and easily.
  • Handy’s unique adjustability allows the changes of wheel base, relative positions of seat to hand pedals.

Other features

  • Steering Hand-pedal steering, steering radius 4 feet
  • Braking Integrated into hub
  • Seat Thick padded vinyl seat, one touch position adjustment Back Support Thick padded vinyl back support, with one touch angle adjustment
  • Extras Parking brake, flag, water bottles Weight 44 lbs (20kg)

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