A Hybrid Bicycle Is A Masterful Blend
Of Road
And Mountain Bikes

Hybrid bicycle

Hybrid bicycle

A hybrid bicycle sometimes referred to as a cross, city, or commuter bike, combines some of the best features of a road bike with some features from a mountain bike making it a great choice for an everyday bike.

The handlebar position is usually a bit more upright than a mountain bike and much more so than a road bike. This is easier on the back and hands and the slight increase in wind resistance due to the more upright riding position is seldom an issue for a non-competitive rider.

Hybrid bikes are easier to pedal than mountain bikes due to the larger diameter 700c rims and thinner tires which results in lower rolling resistance. Most adult mountain bikes use 26" fatter tires so the ride may be a bit softer but they are harder to pedal.

Hybrids also use a wider saddle, with more padding than a road bike, in keeping with the more upright riding position. This makes the hybrid bicycle easier on the butt than road bikes as well.

Most hybrid bikes are equipped with multiple gears up to 24 speeds and many have front and seat suspension to smooth out the bumps. Most use light-weight aluminum frames.

A lot of people that use a hybrid bicycle to commute find them a great choice. Many electric bikes are configured like a hybrid as well.

All of these features combine to make a more comfortable ride than a road bike and easier pedaling than a mountain bike.

I am on my third hybrid and I love it. They are not intended to be ridden on rugged mountain trails but I've done a considerable amount of off-road riding without any major problems. And, in my opinion, they are a good all purpose bike for the majority of older riders.

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