A Bike Storage Rack
Can Be The Answer To
your storage woes

A bike storage rack helps you get your bike up and out of the way and still gives you easy access. You don't want your bikes at risk of being stolen or exposed to the elements outdoors. A good rack can be the answer.

They can be as simple as a wall mounted hook or as clever as a ceiling mounted hoist but the net result is the same. Your bike is protected and you save space.

Here are just a few of the options that are available to solve the storage problem.

Floor standing rack

Floor standing racks enable you to stack more than one bike . They also work well in storage sheds or garages and, since they are free standing, they can be easily moved and don't require any mounting.

Overhead storage rack

Another option for convenient bicycle rack is the hoist mount that gets your bike all of the way off of the floor. They are, typically, mounted in a garage and enable you to store other items, like lawn mowers, under your bike without using any more floor space. Just make sure that you are mounting to a beam or a load-bearing surface.

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