A Bicycle Repair Stand Is A
Wonderful Back Saver

A bicycle repair stand can really be a godsend. The vast majority of bike riders do some minor repairs on their bikes and a good work stand makes a significant difference. 

Even simple maintainence like cleaning your bike will likely find you bent over with your bike upside down so that you could turn the pedals and spin the wheels. In doing this you run the risk of damaging your seat and handlebars or getting water is the headstock which may wash out the lubricant. 

Also, you need to turn the pedals to clean the chain and sprockets so a repair stand is the perfect solution. Any maintenance or repair that you  need to do is much easier with a stand.

Repair stands are easily portable so for routine cleaning you can move your bike outside to prevent dripping cleaner on the floor. Just make sure you use an environmentally safe cleaner. This is especially true when cleaning the chain.

They are light weight and collapsible so storage is no problem. I even keep mine in the trunk of my car so I have it with me when I transport my bike.

repair stand tool tray

If you do elect to get a repair stand I recommend getting a tool tray if it is not already included. It's not only a back and step saver, it helps to keep you from losing parts.

There are other options to a repair stand like bench mounted, or wall mounted repair clamps. They aren’t portable, and the vertical height is fixed, but they are simple and effective.

In a pinch,a bicycle hitch rack or a spare tire bicycle rack can sometimes serve as a make-do repair stand.

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