A Bicycle Mirror Is A
Must For A Savvy Rider

A bicycle mirror is more important to a cyclist than a mirror is to a car driver. You wouldn't drive your car without a mirror so why ride a bike without a mirror? This is especially true when riding in traffic or in a group where it's critical to know what the rider behind you is doing. In that second that it takes to turn your head and look behind you you could have a serious accident.

Bar end mirror

One good choice is a bar end mirror. And, the simpler the better. They fit in, or on, the end of your handlebar and mount very easily. It should be readily adjustable but stiff enough that it stays where you put it.

eyeglass mounted mirror

There are also some mirrors that clip on the earpiece of your glasses. These have the advantage of enabling you to turn your head just slightly to change your view.

They are a bit fragile but they have a lot of fans especially with road bike riders. I'm using one on just about every ride now.

helmet mounted mirror

Another option is a helmet mounted mirror. These typically, mount to the helmet with an adhesive pad.

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