Bicycle Gloves Isolate Your Hands
From Shock And Vibration


Bicycle gloves do a lot more than keep your hands warm. They are designed to give you a better grip in the handlebars, and are padded to absorb the shock and vibration that you may experience on a long ride.

Numb hands is a common problem with distance riders especially on a road bike where your hands bear much more pressure due to the riding position. Mountain bike riders also need gloves but more for shock absorbing and control on harsh uneven terrain. Gloves with gel inserts are great for helping to alleviate this problem.

Another, often overlooked, reason to wear cycling gloves is to protect your hands in the event of a spill. The natural tendency is to catch your self with your hands. I've gotten my hands skinned up more than once before I started wearing gloves.

Fingerless gloves

The fingerless gloves are the most flexible but even those with fingers are very flexible as well. They are also made from materials that breath which helps to prevent sweaty palms.

Full fingered gloves

Many even have soft material on the outside of the thumb for wiping sweat from your brow. Personally, I prefer the fingerless gloves, most of the time, but the gloves with full fingers are great as well. Either one can be a real godsend.

winter gloves

Winter gloves are full fingered with heavier materials for added warmth. They are generally not a good choice for summer riding.  

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