The Montague Folding Bike Leads The
Pack In Ruggedness And Simplicity

Montague Crosstown 7 Speed Folding Bicycle

The Montague folding bike is available as a hybrid with 700c rims or a mountain bike with front suspension and 26” rims.  The design is extremely rugged and includes a quick release for 20 second folding or unfolding with no tools. Thee quick release on the frame is similar to what most bikes use to lock the wheels in place. This is truly a huge improvement over other folding bikes.

The Montague Folding Bike is very similar to most full non-folding bikes in appearance but far outshines a non-folding bike for functionality,   storage, and transport.

When folded they take up about as much space as a suitcase so you can easily throw it in the back of an SUV or probably in your trunk. This is another big plus since you may not need a bicycle carrier. Storage is another big plus especially for apartment dwellers or anyone with limited storage space.

The smaller diameter 12” to 20” wheels used on most folding bikes are fine for a street bike but are not well suited for riding off road. The appearance of most folding bikes can be a real turn-off for some cyclists as well. While they may be tough enough they just look sort of puny and odd and forget about riding off road.

Montague as folded

transporting in SUV

quick release on frame

The Montague bikes are considerably more rugged than is typical of folding bikes but smart design and component selection result in weights comparable, or even lighter, than much smaller bikes. The Urban bikes range from 24 lbs to 27 lbs and the Mountain Suspension Bikes range from 27 lbs to 32 lbs. So handling is a breeze for most adults.

The Urban bikes use from 7 to 30 speeds and more conventional caliper brakes but the mountain bikes with speeds from 18 to 30 use hydraulically actuated disk brakes

mountain suspension bike

So if you want a casual ride in the park or city street or ride down a mountain they have a great folding bike for you.

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