A tandem tricycle can be loads of fun and great exercise

A tandem tricycle lets you share the riding fun with another rider. Riding a tandem has a lot of advantages over riding two separate trikes since you have twice as much pedal power and can easily converse without having to almost shout to be heard. Also you can ride without the balance issues  of a bike and even stop and rest comfortable as needed.

Riding a tandem bicycle requires a significant amount of practice to learn to deal with the balancing issues and synchronization between the front rider (known as the captain) and the back rider (known as the stoker) especially when starting to ride. A tandem trike takes a minimal amount of practice to ride easily and safely. 

Tandems are also a great choice for riders with different skill levels, sharing a ride with a child or a physically challenged person. The tandem shown above offers optional seat back or seat belt for the stoker.

Tri-Rider twin features

+ 24" front and rear wheels
+ Rear basket
+ 3 fenders
+ Reflector kit
+ Front and rear hand operated brakes
+ Shimano 6 speed thumb shift.
+ Sturdy frame with ultra low step-over
+ Large basket
+ Trike only 70 lbs.
+ Trike length 92”
+ The width at the rear axle is 30”
+ With standard tires recommended maximum weight of riders is 450 lbs. - can be more w/ installation of heavy duty tires from the industrial trike

Saddle with back rest for stoker
Saddle with back rest & Seatbelt for stoker
Extended 400mm seat post for tall folks.

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