Fat Tire Electric Bike

Surface Boar 10 speed

fat tire electric bike

The fat tire electric bike adds a whole new dimension to cycling fun. The tires that are 4 inches wide, on average, enable the rider to ride on almost any surface including mud, snow, sand, and loose stone. 

With the wider and softer tires the ride is cushioned and the grip is outstanding. When you add the electric motor for pedal assist you have a combination that is hard to beat. 

Not only do these bikes enable you to go more places that you could before they extend the riding season so for the hardy souls that ride in the winter it is much more do-able in the snow.

It is also noteworthy that with the wider and softer tires (10 to 15 psi) most riders choose to forego the suspension since it adds to cost and maintenance.

Most electric bikes now use lithium ion batteries that are smaller, lighter in weight, and more power dense. They are typically removable and charge within a few hours.

Like most electric bikes the fat tire electric bikes have a range of 20 to 30 miles at a max speed of 18 to 20 mph. The Surface Boar shown below is one exception having a range of 50 mile max.

Most fat tire electric bikes use disc brakes for exceptional stopping power.

The Surface 604 Boar Electric Fat Tire Bike is an excellent choice

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  • Maximum speed of 20mph / 32km/h*
  • Maximum range per charge of 50 miles / 80kms**
  • 26” x 4” standard ultimate traction tires for snow and sand
  • 350W (peaks at 750W) brushless hub motor provides silent peddle assist
  • 36V, 13AH Samsung lithium ion removable battery
  • Built-in torque sensor actuator for enhanced power management
  • Maximum Cargo weight - a whopping 100 lbs 
  • Hydraulic disk brakes and tire suspension fork for increased comfort and improved traction and handling in rough conditions

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