Choosing The Best
Camper Bike Rack 

A good camper bike rack takes the hassle out of taking your bike along on your camping vacation. One sure way to ruin a vacation is to leave your bike along the highway in a mangled mess. It's a whole lot cheaper to get a good rack than to lose your favorite bike, or bikes, to a random pothole. And, there are enough choices to help you find the right one for your camper.

Here are the key questions that you need to ask yourself before getting a camper bike rack.

  • Is the camper yours or a rental?
  • How often do you plan to use it?
  • How many bikes do you want to transport?
  • Can you use it for different style bikes?
  • Do you have irregular shaped bikes like a recumbent or a tricycle?
  • Do you plan to carry other sports equipment as well?
  • Does your RV have a bumper mount receiver, roof-mounted utility rack or tow hitch? If it does then - what is the load capacity?
  • Can you lift the bikes, by yourself, and hold it in position with one hand while fastening?
  • How high can you lift it?
  • How heavy are your bikes?
  • Will you have sufficient clearance under overpasses etc if you use a roof rack?
  • How easy or difficult is the installation?
  • Will it be a permanent mount?   

One of these styles should be a good match for your camper

Around the tire camper rack

The "Around the Spare" rack extends beyond the spare tire of a travel trailer or a 5th wheel and carries up to 2 bikes.

The bumper attachment brackets are designed to mount to a 4 - 4 1/2" continuous-weld square bumper. All hardware is included for the attach-
ment to the bumper and carrying of 2 bikes.

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