An Electric Recumbent Tricycle Offers
A Smooth And Comfortable Ride

An electric recumbent tricycle can be the perfect solution for a recumbent rider that would like to have some help when the going gets a little tough. Or anyone that wants to add a little spice to his or her riding experience.

Electric recumbent adult tricycle

Some times you just want to take a break from pedaling and just sit back and enjoy the ride. Or maybe you just want a little help on hills or riding into a headwind. With an electric recumbent you can choose what kind of ride you want and do it in comfort.


And since it is a tricycle, you don’t have the balance issues that you have with a two wheeled recumbent or a bicycle so anyone can ride it. And with the heavy-duty disc brakes you are always in control.

It can be pedaled at any time with or without pedal assist. The seats are adjustable for maximum comfort and pedaling efficiency. It has a weight capacity of 275 lbs so it will accommodate larger body types.

Additional features are


  • + X Seam Minimum: 38"
  • + X Seam Maximum: 52"
  • + Maximum Rider Weight: 275 Lbs
  • + Bar End Shifters
  • + Computer Display for Motor
  • + Computer Display Mount
  • Rear Rack
  • Frame:Cr-Mo 
  • Steering link-rod: Aluminum Alloy 
  • Handle bar:Aluminum Alloy
  • Seat:Aluminum alloy frame with AIR MESH 
  • Cassette:SARM PG-85011-32t 
  • Tires:Kenda high pressure F/20", R/26"(F/406,R/559) 
  • Rim: Double wall CNC side walls 
  • Brake:PROMAX Mechanical disc brake 

Add it all up and you get a sweet ride that just about anyone can enjoy.

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