The Low Step Tricycle
Is A Hit With Seniors 

The low step tricycle can be a boon to seniors that want to ride again but may have limited flexibility to mount and dismount comfortably. Lets face it we all lose flexibility, as we age and it can be frustrating when it restricts us from the activities that we enjoy.

One of the many benefits of a tricycle is that it has a more stable platform than a bicycle but, even so, a traditional tricycle may be difficult for some physically challenged persons. The low step tricycle addresses this problem.

They have also added some features to this tricycle that are uncommon like a parking brake on both brake levers, 29” width between the rear wheels for enhance stability, and adjustable handlebar stem to help optimize the rider’s position.

Some other features that make this trike special are

  • A low step over of only 6”
  • 6 speed gearing
  • A padded seat with springs to cushion the ride
  • Mud guards to save your clothing from spatters
  • A large basket for shopping

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