A Electric Folding Bike Can
Be The Answer For Convenient Urban Commuting

Prodeco electric folding bike

The electric folding bike has changed dramatically in recent years. They have made giant strides in their designs and can now rival their full size cousins. They have many advantages over bigger bikes from a standpoint of storage and portability. And, you don't need a vehicle rack to transport them.

They go places that no other bike can go. Like a closet, a car trunk, an elevator, a bus, a train, a plane, or a office building. You may sacrifice a bit in ride and handling (not as much as you might think) but it makes up for it in storage and convenience. They are very popular in Europe and Asia and catching on, rapidly, in the USA.

Prodeco Electric folding step through bike

They are also available as a step through for even more flexability and convenience.

Here are just a few of the benefits that an electric folding bike can offer ........

  • Convenient storage - The compact size make it great for campers, boaters, and apartment dwellers.
  • Portability - You can carry it in the trunk of your car or in to work in you commute.
  • Easy set-up and breakdown - Can be folded or unfolded in about 30 seconds.
  • Can go in elevators - This is important to city dwellers and office workers that commute by bike.
  • Security - You can take it with you and don't need to worry about theft.

The only potential downside is the additional weight but if this isn’t an issue they can be a great choice.

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