The low step electric bike
from Hybike

The low step electric bike from Hybike is one of the few electric bikes that are manufactured in the USA. The low step feature makes mounting and dismounting much easier for folks that may not be as flexible as they once were which includes not only seniors but many boomers as well.

Hybikes Polarity

Hybikes Alkaline

Not only are they made from top quality components but they come with all of the features that are sure to please discriminating riders. There are two models available. The Polarity and the Alkaline. Both are capable of speeds up to 20 mph with a maximum range of 35 miles with no pedaling depending on terrain and rider weight.

The Alkaline has as added features a foldout padded rear seat, and a larger 60 volt sla battery pack (the polarity is 48 volt) .
Both models include as standard a wireless alarm system - locks motor and pedals in place and sets off alarm like a car alarm when set off.

  • turn signals
  • heavy duty front fork
  • front and rear sealed drum brakes
  • fenders  
  • rear view mirrors
  • internal rear gearless hub motor
  • Heavy duty front fork
  • Led lights
  • Front and rear drum brakes
  • twist throttle or pedal assist
  • power level indicator
  • removable battery pack
  • charger plugs for 6 - 8 hour charge
  • wide suspension seat
  • heavy duty 22" tires

Maximum combined weight including rider and contents of basket or rack = 390 lbs.

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