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The world of cycling is very dynamic and changes almost daily. In cycling world news we include news that is of particular interest to boomers and seniors.

Most publications on cycling are geared toward younger riders, and this is fine but it's time that we spoke to the huge number of boomers and seniors that enjoy cycling but may have special needs and interests.

In addition to news on bicycle safety, updates on bicycle trails, electric bikes etc we have included news on boomer health and fitness as well as boomer interests in general. Most news items are updated daily and some articles give a worldwide perspective on cycling and boomer issues.

Congratulations to the state of Delaware for becoming the highest-ranking state east of the Mississippi River for bicycle-friendliness in a new study released by the League of American Bicyclists. It is also rated number 5 in the entire USA.

Cycling in the news includes news on issues and events of interest worldwide.

Bicycle trail news has tons on information on trails old and new throughout the USA as well as new developments on proposed trails and updates to existing trails.

Safe cycling news contains info on tips for safe cycling and links to extensive articles on riding safely worldwide.

Boomer health news contains news and links to informative articles targeted specifically to boomers and seniors to keep you going stronger.

Boomer fitness news gives you lots of tips on getting fit as well as links to some great fitness articles.

Safe Cycling has news of interest concerning cycling safety for cyclists young or old.

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