Comfort Bikes Are Designed 
For A Smooth And Easy Ride

Comfort bike

A comfort bikes are a new breed of bicycle designed for the ultimate in comfort. They are, basically, a mountain or a cruiser bike modified to enhance the comfort level. You can have fun, get some great exercise, and do it in comfort.

Different manufacturers have their own ideas in what they call a comfort bike and often the lines get somewhat blurry between comfort bikes and cruisers but in general the differences are...

Comfort bikes are usually lighter than cruisers, have multiple speeds, usually offer higher quality components, and more standard accessories, making them an acceptable choice for commuters.

They are a frequent choice of older riders that want to upgrade a bit from the more basic cruiser bike.

Comfort bikes are primarily designed for street riding but they can handle the bumps that you encounter on a light trail.

Typical features of comfort bikes

  • The handlebars are raised for a more comfortable riding position.
  • Many include chain guards and luggage racks.
  • Many include suspension forks for a cushioned ride
  • They usually have softer and wider saddles.
  • Most have fenders to protect you from splash.
  • Most use 26" low pressure tires for a softer, cruiser like, ride.
  • Most are available with multiple speeds.

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