Bifocal Sunglasses Are
A Welcome Addition To A
Boomer's Bike Accessories

Bifocal sunglasses can be a real boon to a lot of boomer cyclists. If you want to read a map, computer, or GPS and you are farsighted you don't have to take your readers along.

Of course there are always prescription sunglasses but they can be expensive and they seldom come in wraparounds. Some boomers just don't like wraparounds but I prefer them for cycling and have found that they do a much better job of keeping dirt, bugs, etc out of your eyes.

I can tell you from experience getting something in your eye can ruin an otherwise great bike ride. I have found that they are good for driving as well.

Boomer Eyewear has a huge selection with magnifications up to 3.25 and lots of colors to choose from and they don't cost an arm and a leg.

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