The Rhoadescar quadricycle puts the fun back in cycling

2 person cycle car with canopy

The Rhoadescar quadricycle is a "4-wheel bicycle" that rides like a car. Imagine pedaling side-by-side with your spouse, or friend, while enjoying great conversation along with a great workout from a recumbent (reclined) position. And, once you return from the ride, your neck, shoulders, and back won't be hurting from an uncomfortable upright ride.

These 4-wheeled bikes are 100% hand made in the USA and even 80% of the components are manufactured in the USA.   This is almost unheard of since most bicycles sold in the U.S. are imported from China.

With the recumbent style design it's amazingly easy on the joints and back - even for people who have had some surgeries and/or replacements. This, along with the cushioned seats with seat backs (they even have an arm rest option) is really bicycling in comfort! And, it can't get any more stable than having 4-wheels under you.

If most of your cycling is by yourself, no problem, you can enjoy the added stability of four wheels on a single rider model. 

4-person cycle car with canopy

One-person cycle car with canopy

For more in-depth info on how and where these bikes are built in the USA check out this video. 

They also offer an electric motor assist and even a solar powered electric motor!  How cool is that? That’s going green in style. The two of you can take two of your friends along for a great outing

Royalty rides a RhoadesCar

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